About Me


 Since a young child growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago, I have always felt the pull towards understanding by helping my peers find their truth.  Even in high school, I was a peer mediator helping my fellow classmates resolve their conflicts and finding ways for them to move past their current roadblocks to achieve happiness.

I continued this path into adulthood by obtaining my bachelors in psychology at Lewis University in Illinois.  Before receiving my masters, I worked as an academic advisor and financial aid advisor at George Washington University in Washington D.C. and at The University of Illinois at Chicago.  I was continually surprised at how unprepared freshmen were to interact with peers and professors. 

Too many students lacked the basic understanding that the choices they made led to their success or failure.

I witnessed many students fail their first year of college due to their inability to take ownership of their lives.  After 5 years in higher education, I decided to pursue my Master in counseling in order to foster change. I wanted to better prepare students for their transition into adulthood.